You will receive a zip file with 3 attachments, hence 3 images in the following sizes.

1, Small
2. Medium
3, Large

Depending on the product chosen will depict the sizes. Business cards are little smaller then all others products.

If you need a certain size, please include in the comment section. If that size is not doable we will let you know the max size it can be.

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Unfortunately we only accept payments through PayPal at this time. There are several options if this happens.

1. Pay through your PayPal balance
2. Use an eCheck
3. Purchase a pre-paid Visa or Master card and use that at PayPal checkout.

We will add more options to the list as we find them. Thank you for your understanding.

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Yes of course, If you would like more than 1 design of the same project then on the form you fill out, just mention that as we will offer 30% OFF any additional designs of the same project. Please include the design number which can be found on the home page below each one.

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If you plan on sending us information about your order, these are the preferred methods.

Color: CMYK
Image size: 300dpi (dots per inch)
.JPG / PNG file types

.doc/.txt/.rtf file

If you plan on sending us something after you already submitted the form, just sent us an email at and please include the Paypal email and transaction number so we can match up the order.

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